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Diamond Mesh Ltd.: My $50bn Enterprise

January 21, 2012

Name of enterprise: Diamond Mesh Ltd.

Affordable Initial Investment: 10 lacs

About Diamond Mesh Ltd.: Diamond Mesh will be an enterprise with a vision to create a network between all individuals associated with the diamond industry. 

Vision: Provide accurate, reliable and timely information on the Diamond Industry 

Domain name:

Products and Services: The company’s products and services will include all activities concerned with providing knowledge to the diamond industry.

  • Industry Database: This will include a database of all miners, manufacturers, traders, brokers and jewelers. The company’s networking service will assist different organizations across the globe to connect with each other.
  • News: The company will also develop a software to provide categorized news on the industry to all its customers.
  • Market Information: The company will provide information on the prices of certified diamonds.
  • Online Trading: The company will provide facility of online trading between different members.

BHAGs: Connect every individual associated with the Diamond Industry and act as the sole knowledge provider to the industry.

Core values:

  • Believe in shared value
  • Innovation
  • Ethical behavior
  • Value client information
  • Safety of clients’ privacy

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